Do you know anyone who shoots boudoir in Bangalore?

2 years 6 months ago #20 by urmi_alter
 Actually I want to try boudoir. actually saw your website name in email of my friends matrimonial shoot, also heard how you make easy for beginners to post.
did not find any link for boudoir in your website that is why asking you if you shoot.

if not please refer someone safe that you know

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2 years 6 months ago #21 by GiZmO
I will not make a recommendation for these reasons
  • There is no one person who fits (ticks) all (points in a checklist)
  • This is a personal intimate type of shoot and the rapport/comfort/trust you find in a particular person cannot be judged by be (especially when I do not know you in person.
  • and regarding me shooting, I currently shoot portraits of children (all ages) and since I cater to this segment would prefer to keep this genre out for obvious reasons
having said that, do keep the following points in mind
  • Search on google and follow photographers you find (there have been some media mentions of photographers who do boudoir (some disclose their real identity and some go by a pseudonym)
  • Check what the person does (for a living/profession) for example a professional may be less likely to do something to harm their reputation.
  • Ask how they manage data (some might never connect their disks to a computer connected to the internet). This is an exhaustive list and so please pay attention.
  • Stay away from those who are ok with favours to pass on a discount.
  • do not ignore red-flags / instincts. it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • people well versed in paperwork (nda, model release etc) are a plus (i.e. they understand what the intricacies are)
  • Do remember to discuss the moodboard and limits well in advance and be ready to walk out if you find any deviation from it.
  • stay away from ones who try to convince you , remember you eventually decide to not do it at the last moment (keep professionalism - be ready to pay and walk out for the photographer's time in case you want to back out. It is up to the photographer to accept/deny accepting/accept partial payment based on their ethics and how they value their time
for example I have had several "husbands" call on behalf of their wife. I put them off by making a high quote or bringing up legal documentation since I do not want to entertain something that is just one person's fantasy,.

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