I am a photographer currently shooting everything from landscapes to portraits, weddings to street, products to wildlife.
    Photography for me started as a facination to lay my hands on the point & shoots which continue to be safely stashed away in my mother's wardrobes. This facination became a real hobby with my first digital camera in 2006, graduating to an SLR in 2010 and started building my collection lenses and other equipment.
    My hobby of capturing the varied moments that life has to offer is now undergoing a sea of change, to now being recognised among many circles as a better photographer and finally planning on making this my profession.

"I love photography of all kinds and hardly have a set style. My greatest enjoyment comes from being with people and creating unique and interesting images"

This website is a showcase of my work, a place to meet, share my hobby and hopefully make a few new friends too.

Śukla M C

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