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With an irresistible interest in the field of Photography, I started off clicking photographs as a kid with my film point & shoot about two decades ago. My learning of the technicalities of photography started with me buying a Sony Point & Shoot (a w30 to be precise) around 2006 which used to be my constant companion till 2010 which was when got my very own dSLR. Around this time is also when i started my own business and got involved in Product Development and Web Design.

My work gave me the opportunity to get involved a lot more with my hobby where I initially started off with simple Product Photography & have over the years tried out various genre of photography. You can see more of my work here

Over the years I have built a small team of Photographers & Editors under the banner of Artriva Studios which offers e-commerce and creative photography for advertising, promotions and online offline catalogues. My team is also does Pre-wedding shoots, Destination wedding, apart from training aspiring photographers.

"I love photography of all kinds and hardly have a set style. My greatest enjoyment comes from being with people and creating unique and interesting images"

If you are interested in any of my other services, you can still do so by reaching out me at Beacon Solutions

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