Photography Workshops for Beginners

Start fulfilling your creative pursuit with my 3-Level photography workshop

Who/Why can join this Workshop(s)

  • Anyone with a keen interest in photography or just getting started with photography
  • Improve your photography skills and get a accurate technical understanding of the process of creating photographs
  • Someone with a Camera / Looking to buy a camera very soon

In my workshops, I introduce you to both the technical and artistic aspects of photography. For the sake of convenience the workshop is broken down into three modules to better suit your learning needs.

  • Level-1 introduces you to the different parts of a camera, how they function and how you can control them. You will also get an understanding of the Exposure-Triangle and how to click photos in manual mode.
  • Level-2 makes you aware of the limitations of your camera in focussing, obtaining correct metering under some common scenarios. You will learn how to compensate for these errors and also get introduced to some advanced concepts like Colour, White Balance etc. By the end of the module you would be familiar with almost all of your camera's controls.
  • Level-3 covers more of the creative aspects such as framing and also introduces you to the world of post-production. In this session you will get an introduction to Adobe Lightroom, have a better understanding of the Histogram and how to do the basic edits on your photographs

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Personalised Trainings

The intention of this workshop is to enable you to create eye catching photographs, post-process it to reflect reality or make it artistic.


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