I am a Photographer and Entrepreneur based out of Bangalore. A fascination of taking photographs became a major hobby when i bought my first digital camera, my hobby transitioned to a profession as friends and some of my existing clients appreciated my work and slowly requests for "professional" assignments trickled in leading to where I am today.
My work revolves around Beacon Solutions (my first Business) & Marathon Pics. Apart from training and running half marathons for the past couple of years. Of late I have taken a little interest in a little gardening (currently have over 50 saplings (Litchi & jack-fruit combined) growing on my terrace as an experiment. Planning on a little farm a few months down the lane. You may also take a few if you promise to look after it for the next 3 - 5 years).

My Mission

  • To touch your heart by creating images that shows one's individuality
  • Capture the wonderful moments in life for you to revisit and relive again and again

My Style

I believe that the best portraits are made when subjects are left to be themselves. My style is simple, honest, casual, un-posed and candid.

I try to capture something that is truly unique and natural in you. I do not intrude and let people be comfortable and let their true spirit shine through. Its about creating images you and your loved ones will cherish for a lifetime.

Getting to people even before I take out my camera is something I consider very essential and I do spend significant time to know you & the people I will be shooting


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