Questions while hiring a Photographer

  • How do I choose my Photographer ?

  • Why is a "One Hour Session" != "One Hour PAY" for a Photographer ?

  • What are you paying for, While hiring any Photographer ?


Cost is a major factor while choosing a photographer. The following is just a pointer to give a overview of what you pay for while hiring a photographer 
  • Artistic Value
    • Art & Creativity is something that is determined differently by each individual. ART IS EXPRESSED DIFFERENTLY by DIFFERENT ARTISTS

    • Artistic and Creative value, The very reason for which you are looking out for a Professional, MAY or MAY NOT match what you are looking for.

      • We are happy to spend time to show you our work, and give a brief insight on our style of work, what we deliver etc. IT IS ESSENTIAL that you spend sufficient time with the photographers you are considering to hire.

    • For us, it is all about capturing "The Moment" , "The Expression", "Showing You" for you and people in your life to relive those moments.
    • Last but not the least - EXPERIENCE, Every Situation (to photograph) is unique and certian genre (wildlife, candid etc) require anticipating what is about to happen or just respond (Change Setting(s), Frame & Click) in a split second. Experience lets you know how your equipment behaves, and its limitations - Now consider bringing in a lifetime's experience, knowledge and taking actions in less than a second for capturing that "Once in a Lifetime Photograph".
  • Equipment Costs
    • Camera
      • We use (D)SLR's !! We want to be able to see and work at the speed of Light. Electronics (Phone Cameras, Point & Shoot Cameras) all have a lag.

      • Yes, there are DSLR's available around 300USD (lets say 20,000INR), What we use cosr upwards of 1,300USD - 3,000USD (One to a few Lakhs INR)

      • We do at times have to carry multiple expensive ones, Life does not wait for us to change lenses, broken equipment etc.

    • Lenses
      • Yes, we buy Lenses seperately apart from the one which came as a Kit, Let us just say they are made of Glass, Fast Electronics and most of the time cost more than the camera itself.

      • Differnet lighting conditions, Space constraints etc, would call for equipment generally we need to hire

      • They are available for hire, we pay for it. Lets just say - It works out cheaper for both of us to just hire it when required (than to own every piece of equipment available, and leave it unused most of the time)

      • For you, The earlier you Confirm / Book , you have a better chance for a Discount or a Freebie from me ;-)

    • Others
      • A computer, and yes we need a fast one, lots of RAM and Gigantic Amounts of Disk Space.

      • We prefer to shoot RAW. Lets simply say a JPG is a LOSSY Compression and keeps about 9Bits of Information per Pixel while RAW could be storing 14Bits (or above) per Pixel. The File size could be 2 to 3 times more

      • Our Computer Display alone could cost several times more than regular ones, for accurate colours (An iMac actually could be a cheaper option, get the point)

      • Software we use to edit photos

  • Time for / spent on
    • Communication / Travel (For Bangalore - at least 1 hour in each direction, maybe a couple of times times)

    • Preparation (Time spent to understand your requirements, the venue, etc. Somtimes visiting the place once / coming early to set up)

    • Actual Shoot (To give a Prespective - THIS IS JUST @20% THE TIME SPENT of any assignment)

    • Post Production (A Bulk of the time goes here)

  • Additional Costs Incurred
    • Assistants

    • Travel

    • Internet etc.

  • Others
    • Photography has periods where "Work is Available" and "Work Is Not Available", For India, lets say - Wedding Season, Lean Season

    • To Deliver Photographs faster, we may have to cancel taking up other assignments. You need to mention this before we give you a quote (We may charge you extra for this, as we not only loose on a booking (income), we also tend to be free during the lean periods).
      We make use of the lean period, to get back to our deliveries. The time for final delivery could be from a couple of weeks to upto a few months. (Generally no more than 2 to 3 months in the worst of worst case senario, for Budget Assignments / For Work Not Renumarated etc)


The value of a photoshoot /  Assignment should not be judged by what a bargain you got it for, but instead should be measured by
  • The overall experience and the calibre of the photographer.
  • The Time for Delivery
  • Location, Time for Planning, The Deliverables
  • Do NOT worry about our Equipment / what be bring (to a large extent). Its not just about having a lot of fancy expensive equipment but ABOUT MAKING BEST USE OF OF WHAT IS AVAILABLE / NECESSARY

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